Serving Hartford

Harte INFINITI is proud to be a local business serving Hartford and the surrounding Connecticut areas. As its name implies, Hartford is right in the heart of everything here in Connecticut. There’s plenty to see and do when in Hartford, and we at Harte INFINITI are grateful to be a part of the thriving Hartford community.

Hartford is the capital city of Connecticut, with 18 square miles of city and approximately 125,000 residents. Hartford has many claims to fame, including its status as the birthplace of the Boys & Girls Club. Additionally, the first FM station in the world began broadcasting in Hartford, and Theodore Roosevelt took his first automobile ride here. Whether you’re interested in cultural attractions, entertainment, fine dining, history, or business, Hartford has it all.

The Hartford area was first settled in 1623 as a Dutch trading post. At that time, it was called House of Hope. In 1636, Reverend Thomas Hooker formed a colony there along with a group of English settlers, who named the colony after Hertford, England. In 1639, the colony adopted the Fundamental Orders, which was the first document in history to establish a government by the consent of the people. This concept would later be used in writing the United States Constitution, which is why Connecticut is known as “The Constitution State.” Hartford has also played a large role in the insurance industry as the home of Aetna, Travelers, and The Hartford Insurance Company, which is the oldest insurance company in the nation. These companies and more have contributed to Hartford being known as the “Insurance Capital of the World.”

Today, Hartford offers a wide variety of attractions, including a host of restaurants, bars, shops, parks, hotels, and businesses. When in Hartford, the Connecticut Science Center is always worth a visit, as are the Harriet Beecher Stowe Center and Mark Twain House & Museum. Those interested in history can visit the Hartford History Center, the Connecticut Historical Society, or the Museum of Connecticut History. Art- and theater-lovers will enjoy one of Hartford’s many art galleries, or perhaps a show at the Connecticut Ballet, Hartford Stage, or Bushnell Center for the Performing Arts.

Hartford offers regular events each weekend for the enjoyment of its residents and guests, whether it’s a holiday event, athletic competition, concert, or anything else. Hartford is home to several higher education establishments as well, including the University of Hartford, and there are many other colleges and universities within a short drive.

At Harte INFINITI, we are active in the community in several ways. One of our main community activities is sponsoring Family Fun Day each Sunday for the New Britain Rock Cats! Stay updated on our community involvement by checking out our Facebook page.